About Us

KP Woodart

Using fire to create breathtaking art pieces

From tiny thought…

KPwoodart, Kings Palace wood art and furniture, is a rustic wood and art company based in Ghana. The company was established in 2019 and grew, from a tiny thought into the creating breathtaking art pieces today.

We are an eco-friendly company. Our critical attention to detail is to be admired. We believe in making genuine and unique works of art, and we proudly attach our certificate of authenticity to each piece.

Our fine art pieces are widely known and recognised for their unique technique, called pyrography, (a word derived from the Greek for ‘fire’ and ‘writing’) which uses the heat of a fire to create art. It can also be referred to as ‘poker art’ or ‘fire artwork’. This method of art creation, which can be traced back in the history of indigenous African arts and artists, is now being used again in contemporary art.

The use of pyrography by KPwoodart in their pieces makes them unique, authentic, and impossible to reproduce.

The Artist

Bright Danso is a multi-talented Ghanaian artist who uses fire to create art pieces in drawings and craftwork.

His passion, love and talent have come to fruition in all his work.

His use of fire to create these unique pieces results from a conscious choice. His art pieces express his thoughts and world views, inspired by his environment, art teachers and the passion he has nurtured for fire artwork. His lecturers made him understand and appreciate the use of fire as a technique in artwork creation. This got him to use heat in his own paintings, thinking creatively and producing unique and quality art masterpieces.

His work is an inspiration to many, especially art lovers across Africa and the world at large.

One of his art pieces, “Black Unitec”, was inspired by the fact that “one cannot see what is going on in another person’s mind”. To put it another way, one should not judge a book by its cover or a person by their outward appearance.

Another artwork he created is what he called the “Legacy Table”. It is the first table decorated by pyrography in the world, a remarkable achievement.

Reflecting on this led to his latest project, using heat to decorate wooden furniture.

Bright Danso foresees becoming a global champion and an ambassador for pyrographic art, aiming to inspire others.


Bright Danso: I have exhibited at the well-regarded exhibition “Accra in Paris” at the United Nations office in Paris and had a portrait painting of the former United Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan hung at the United Nations office in Paris.

I have shown a couple of our rustic furniture pieces at the biggest trade summit in South Africa at the IATF (Intra African Trade Fair).

Our wide range of rustic furniture designs and art has been adored by participants of the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt Germany in 2023.

I have also collaborated in making paintings with a few musical artists, for instance Wizkid, providing images for their music videos.